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What could be the problem when applying commercial systems
to analysis automation ?

Our Challenge

  • Samples inevitable to use individual tubes/ Machines impossible to open/ close individual tubes -> Automatic opening / closing of snap cap tube
    Development of Automatic opening / closing of Snap Cap Tube,
    obtainment of patent from the world leading nations.

    “Tube opening / closing device and dispensing system including the device”

  • Researcher can identify sample code with the naked eye/Machine cannot identify handwritten code -> OCR identifiable by naked eye/ machine
    Development of Labeling System for Laser Marking
    the system auto-generated code

    Development of OCR(Optical Character Reader) Sample
    Checker to auto-check sample code

  • Republic of Korea
    Republic of Korea patent
  • U.S.A
    U.S.A patent
  • Europe
    Europe patent
  • Japan
    Japan patent
  • India
    India patent
  • China
    China patent

Total Lab Automation

    • Labeling System
      Labeling System
      • Auto-generation of sample code according to the study design
      • Arrangement of codes according to sample collection order
      • Labeling by Laser Marking Machine
    • Sample Checker
      Sample Checker
      • Evaluation of label legibility, arrangement order check
      • List of received samples-compare with actual samples
      • List of receive and takeout samples-compare with actual samples
    • Decapper (Patented)
      Decapper (Patented)
      • Opening and closing of tube of the column designated by controller
      • Sequential opening and closing to prevent cross contamination

    All computer systems are developed under GAMP standards.

    Automated W/S equipped with Sample Loader and Robotic Arm
    Automated W/S equipped with Sample Loader and Robotic Arm
    • Fully automatic Control based on process entered into the system
    • Decapping after checking the sample array in Sample Loader
    • Liquid Handler Pipetting in tube with well plate
    • Robotic Arm moves well plate in the following order “Liquid Handler-Sealer-Shaker-Centrifuge-Peeler-Liquid Handler”
    • Stand by after the process, send termination signal
    Validation Sample Arrange and Storage (VSAS) System
    Sample Analysis Batch Assessment (SABA) System
    Analytical Data Processing and Reporting (ADPR) System