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Sensitive, Reproducible and GCLP Compliance

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Single Molecular Array technology provides analytical results of sufficient sensitivity.
  • 1,300 proteins under study, 200 proteins clinically diagnosed.
  • Cannot achieve sufficient sensitivity by the conventional ELISA (Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) method.
  • With 100 ~ 1,000 times the sensitivity of conventional ELISA, Single Molecular Array technology provides sufficient sensitivity data.
Development of Quality-by-Design analytical method provides reproducible analytical results.
  • For a reproducible analysis, it is necessary to set and control the optimal range of all factors that affect the analytical results.
  • The quality-by-design technique is a research technique that realizes the optimal analytical method.
Good Clinical Laboratory Practice system provides reliable analytical results.
  • All tasks of the GCLP laboratory are conducted as per the SOP and approved protocol.
  • All procedures of analysis are planned, reviewed and preserved as records.