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The management philosophies of BioInfra are Compliance and Innovation. However, many virtues are required to practice these two words of management philosophy.
We seek talents with whom we can share these philosophies. But in the world, it may not be possible to say "I am a creative person" or "We need someone with this talent”.
Therefore, we value talents who recognize the importance of the virtues necessary to become healthy and competent professionals.

  • Compliance

    We are in the pharmaceutical evaluation industry.
    We have not forgotten for a moment the desperation of patients who need medicine to overcome the disease. Therefore, we strive to provide accurate and reliable drug evaluation data per international standards and scientific methods

    Several virtues are required here, as below.
    • Compliance with regulations and respect for orders
    • Transparency that values the basis of records
    • Honesty and courage to improve without concealing errors

    In the pharmaceutical evaluation industry directly related to human life, failed evaluation studies are acceptable. But unfair evaluation studies are hard to accept.

  • Innovation

    Our society evolves and develops endlessly.
    Innovation and competition exist in this society, where coincidence and inevitability intersect.
    Excessive competition sometimes exhausts us, but we cannot deny that competition is one of the axes of social development. Hence, we seek innovation for a better tomorrow.

    Several virtues are required here, as below.
    • Imagination that dreams of a better tomorrow
    • The courage to express one's opinions and ideas seriously
    • A sense of participation in actively collaborating in the innovation process

    In a reality where competition is unavoidable, the lack of resources may be solved, but without the will to innovate, it will be inescapable from falling behind tomorrow.