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  • Company Name

    BioInfra Co., Ltd.

  • CEO

    Sang Deuk Lee, Ph.D.
    (owns 50.0% of share)

  • Foundation Date

    May 2007

  • Capital (2022 Q4)

    2.06 billion Won

  • Total Assets (2022 Q4)

    32.59 billion Won

  • Employee (2022 Q4)


  • Total Sales (2022)

    35.43 billion Won

  • Main Business

    Clinical study CRO business

  • Affiliated Company

    YU&Infra Co., Ltd.(50%)

  • Headquarter location

    Heungdeok U-Tower, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si

  • Website

CEO Sang Deuk Lee, Ph. D.
CEO Sang Deuk Lee, Ph. D.

Seoul National University, Ph.D. in Pharmacy
Principal Research Engineer, Dong-A Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. / Clinical Department team leader
Vice president, The Korean Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology / Honorary President
CEO, BioInfra Co., Ltd.