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Welfare Benefits

  • Employment insurance, parental leave
  • No overtime labor

    Do not work additional hours unless it is a special situation.
    Talk to your seniors if your work is overloaded.

  • Comprehensive physical exam every year
  • Scholarships provided for outstanding employees

    We provide scholarships for outstanding employees
    (worked in the company for more than 3 years) who want advanced degrees.

  • Holidays in company-backed resort hotel

    Go on holiday anytime. Discuss your work schedule with your team leader.
    Use the resort voucher (3 days) supported by the company. You can stay for additional days if there are any leftover vouchers.

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Recruiting Department Job Description Job opening
Management Support Team Closed
Quality Assurance Team Closed
Clinical Research Division Sales Ongoing
Bioanalysis Center LC-MS/MS Analysis Ongoing
Immunoassay Center Sales Ongoing
Screening Center Standard test, cell culture, sales Ongoing
R&D Center Closed
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